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Zero waste, the desire to limit the use of plastic and get rid of everything disposable is more and more common in our lives. The bathroom remains one of the easiest places to strive for a zero waste and minimalist approach. Taking it step by step, it is very easy to reduce and completely eliminate plastic and single-use and disposable items. We want our bathroom to be natural and uncluttered, so that we can relax and enjoy a Zen space. Nothing better, than to be able to decompress there after a long day. This is entirely possible, you just need to opt for natural and durable accessories, use high quality solid cosmetics and eliminate the creation of unnecessary waste.

Here are the ten best quick and easy tips to put in place to obtain a natural, refined, minimalist and ecological bathroom, divided into several categories.

Tips for an every day zero waste bathroom

1. Use solid cosmetics

Cosmetics are an essential element in every bathroom. However, most of the time our shower gel, liquid shampoo, tube toothpaste or cream are packaged in plastic packaging. Used on a daily basis, these essential treatments are the cause of a lot of waste produced on a daily basis. However, these liquid cosmetics can easily be replaced by solid cosmetics today. They do not contain water, are composed only of the essentials, the active agents. Thanks to contact with water in our shower or bath, they foam just as well as their liquid counterparts. Opt for soap bars, shampoo bars, deodorant bars or even toothsoap bars. More economical and less expensive, they will satisfy you both from a financial point of view but above all from a health point of view. Solid skincare products last significantly longer and their ingredients are natural and vegan. To compare, you will see a real difference in profitability for a superior quality of care. Without plastic packaging, they will significantly contribute to your zero waste approach and take up less space in your bathroom or toiletry bag.

2. Reduce the use of cosmetics

Cosmetics, we love them! But do we really need all the care that our bathroom drawers contain? Adopting a zero waste and minimalist approach also means significantly reducing your purchases and consuming differently. There is no question here of giving up care, but if you are concerned about your future, you should be concerned about how you consume. Each use of cosmetics should correspond to being respectful of our environment. So try to choose multi-purpose cosmetics, packaged in cardboard, metal jar or glass jar (so much more elegant). A multi-purpose organic balm instead of a cream for the body, for the hands, for the feet, for the face ... A solid shampoo that will suit all members of your family, or a solid soap that is gentle enough to be used by both adults and children of the same household.

3. Try solid make-up removers and washable make-up removing discs.

Applying make-up and removing make-up is a daily gesture for many. To properly cleanse our face from make-up removal, we often choose a single solution: make-up removal milk (micellar water) and a single-use cotton pad. The first is packaged in a plastic bottle, while the second, even if it is in natural organic cotton, it remains avoidable waste for the environment. There are two solutions to this plastic and waste: opt for a solid, vegan and 100% natural cleansing oil, and remove all make-up using one or more washable cleansing discs. The solid makeup remover not only cleans perfectly, it has the great advantage of being packaged in a cardboard box. No more plastic packaging for cleansing milk. In addition, it is most of the time, ORGANIC, vegan and cruelty free and will be perfect for sensitive skin. Being a revolutionary treatment, its ingredients are of exceptional quality. Very economical and durable, it will allow you to remove makeup for many months, even if you wear makeup every day.

As for the washable discs, they are very soft and will not irritate your face. Unlike a cleansing wipe, washable cotton is perfectly reusable. A little wash will suffice to be able to enjoy it again. In addition, your washable wipes or discs will quickly pay for themselves in view of their cost.

4. Use a bamboo toothbrush or one with an exchangeable head.

You should change your toothbrush every two months, which is approximately after six or seven hours of use. However, even if it is discarded, it will continue to exist for at least another 400 years. There is now a large supply of bamboo toothbrushes. The handle of a bamboo toothbrush is biodegradable, to be sure. On the other hand, you have to pay attention to the material from which the bristles are designed. Most of the time, the bristles are made of nylon, so they are not biodegradable and difficult to recycle. Before composting your bamboo toothbrush, you should remove the bristles with pliers and remove the small metal rings that hold them in place in the toothbrush. Bamboo is a plant that grows at extraordinary speed in Asia (and therefore all bamboo brushes are made in Asia). A bamboo toothbrush is a good alternative to replace a plastic toothbrush, on the other hand, contrary to what is commonly accepted, it is not 100% biodegradable, therefore not really ecological.

Second alternative is a toothbrush with an interchangeable head. The handle of this brush is made of either wood or bioplastic, it is designed to last a lifetime. The brush head is exchangeable and rechargeable, so the waste produced is very limited. The advantage of these brushes over bamboo brushes is that you can find brands that make them in France.

5. Dare to use natural floss

Flossing is for many of us the thing we use and throw away every day. It is not compostable and not very recyclable. Its plastic packaging is waste that is produced regularly and could be easily disposed of. Natural floss or mulberry floss is an excellent replacement for plasticized dental floss. Entirely natural, it will be compostable and its packaging is a mini recyclable glass bottle. You can easily get refills for a completely natural and ecological action.

Tips for a neat, zero waste bathroom

1. Switch to natural beauty accessories

Our bathrooms are often full of beauty accessories. Hairbrushes, combs, soap dishes, cotton swabs, our accessories are often plastic. If they are worn out or become unusable, we can consider exchanging them and opting for natural bathroom accessories. Designed in wood, bamboo, ceramic, they will not only be pleasant to the touch, but also better for our environment. Today we can find an equivalent of every little thing in our bathroom to make it natural, minimalist, elegant and plastic-free.

2. Opt for the safety razor

Over 400 million plastic razors end up in the bottom of our trash every year - just over a million every day. It makes a beautiful mountain of orange, pink, and green plastic. However, a safety razor, much more elegant with its wooden, bamboo or stainless steel handle, is much more pleasant to use and efficient. Your safety razor will ensure less irritated skin thanks to sharper and better blades. In addition, you will only have to change the blades, its cost will therefore amortize very quickly and your trash will be even lighter.

3. Choose a menstrual cup or menstrual panty

An astronomical budget over a woman’s life is spent on sanitary napkins and tampons. At the rate of 13 cycles per year, between the ages of 13 and 50 (minus the months of pregnancy and breastfeeding), there is an average of 480 cycles. Knowing that approximately 25 tampons or pads are required per cycle, that represents more than 10,000 sanitary pads in the life of a woman. The cost and the mountain of waste that we produce are monstrous, not green, unhealthy and at the same time very easy to dispose of.

More and more known and used, the cup or the menstrual panty are a real solution. More economical, they are also better for health. The menstrual cup (or cup), designed with medical grade silicone is simple of use and ultra efficient. This periodic protection is invisible and can be used at any time, both during the day and at night. The period panties are designed in several thicknesses and different fabrics to ensure maximum effectiveness. Slip on in the morning and depending on your flow and can serve long hours at a stretch. Switching to these ecological solutions has many advantages: economic, environmental, as well as related to your health. You will never have allergies from sanitary napkins again. Odorless, the cup and the menstrual panty will be your best allies during these difficult days.

4. Switch to cotton buds in bamboo or ear cure

The sale of plastic cotton swabs was banned by the European Union in January 2020. This is very good news, although we are impatiently awaiting the depletion of all stocks in order to be unable to access them. What to replace these cotton swabs, which we love so much to use not only for our ears, but also for our makeup? Several solutions exist. In the first place, cotton swabs in bamboo and organic biodegradable cotton. Packaged in their compostable cardboard box, your environmental impact will be virtually non-existent with each use. For cleaning your ears, you can also opt for reusable earpicks. These metal, wood or bamboo rods will allow you to easily scrub your ears endlessly without ever producing waste. Easily washable, they will be durable and completely ecological.

5. Do your laundry and fabric softener yourself

Making your laundry detergent and homemade fabric softener seems overwhelming to some. However, it is so easy to make these two products! The advantages of this choice are numerous and should be enough to convince you to never use industrial detergents again. With your homemade laundry detergent and fabric softener, you'll forever be saying goodbye to chemicals, endocrine disruptors and allergens that can irritate your and your children's skin. Cleaning your line more gently, the clothing fibers will not be attacked and will not degrade. There is also an end to the use of plastic cans, despite being said to be recyclable. Welcome to playful zero waste! Regarding the cost of making these two products, you will be surprised how economical this solution is! To find out more and to find our best homemade laundry and fabric softener tips and recipes, it's here

Receive beauty treatments through the zero waste bathroom box

If you like this minimalist and natural approach and you want to make your life even easier, while keeping the zero waste approach? Test a zero waste bathroom box! Each month you will receive your favorite zero waste products which will be adapted to your requirements. Packaged in ecological, organic, vegan and Cruelty-Free packaging, you will quickly be won over. The great advantage of this solution is that we no longer have to worry about your toothpaste or shampoo being finished, because your box will always arrive on time. In addition, you no longer have to wander the cosmetic aisles! No more temptation to compulsive shopping! This solution is therefore 100% beneficial!

To conclude on your zero waste bathroom

To start, choose a few points presented above and make it part of your daily life little by little. Changing drastically overnight can be quickly demotivating and seem too difficult. So there is a risk that you will not go through with it. The easiest way is to start, for example, with a solid soap. Finish your shower gel and get your solid soap and solid shampoo. Then try to get rid of the plastic cotton swabs, the plastic toothbrush and so on. You will be surprised how easy it is! Good luck and keep us posted on your way. Goodbye :)

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