All the benefits of solid cosmetic bars

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Cosmetic bars have won their letters of nobility. Their rise in popularity signals their return to our bathrooms.

For too many years now, soap bars had disappeared, replaced by bottles of liquid cosmetics. From then on, we have submerged our planet in chemical compounds for our care. It has therefore become rare to find an industrial cosmetic that is harmless to the environment.

The ravages of conventional cosmetics

Numerous independent analyzes have revealed to us that the majority of conventional cosmetics contain artificial ingredients, endocrine disruptors and worse elements as well. Additionally, we no longer count the number of times we are shocked and sorry to find out that some major manufacturers are still resorting to animal testing. Their products with chemical components and tested on animals are, moreover, packaged in plastic bottles.

Our planet has been sending us signals for a while now in response to our noxious actions. Even more so today, we must seek to change our habits. The pressure we exert on the natural environment is so violent that we have had to confine ourselves to protect ourselves. A medieval and archaic practice, which can in no way be seen as a step forward in civilization. To return to a balance between man and the environment, we have little choice but to be in harmony with the Earth. Real healthy, ecological and non-destructive possibilities for our planet are yet within reach. Among these possibilities are handmade beauty bars.

Bath bar care : The renewal

A growing number of entrepreneurs are creating brands that offer care that respects our body and our planet. Taking care of yourself becomes a real pleasure once again. Soap bars, Shampoo bars, conditioner bars, solid makeup removers, balm deodorants and solid toothpastes are of exceptional quality and far above industrial cosmetics. You will find them in a zero waste shop. Taking advantage of these solid treatments, which are beginning to impose themselves against other manufacturers in the beauty products sector, has become an eco-responsible and sustainable gesture.

The bar care have many advantages and the growing enthusiasm for their use is not about to fade. On the one hand, the benefits for our health, the comfort of our skin and that of our finances and on the other, all the benefits for our planet and all living beings with which we share it. Let us analyze together the reasons that motivate, every day, a growing number of people to use ecological body care products.

Bathroom body bar care: Nothing but benefits for our body

Almost all of the companies that make solid cosmetics are concerned about the quality of the care they create. A solid cosmetic is often made entirely with 100% natural raw materials and very often organic. The assembly of the ingredients chosen for the realization of solid cosmetics is not left to chance. Numerous try on an error allow the development of hand made organic body bars to have the qualities required for each skin or hair type.

The base being of course vegetable oils. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, sunflower oil or rapeseed oil to name a few, are common oils in solid and important cosmetic formulas to hydrate the skin. Then, so that the skin is nourished in depth and in a natural way, the care treatments will be embellished with donkey milk, shea butter or even vegetable glycerin. White, pink or green clay are clays rich in minerals, which will help fight against sagging and the aging of the skin.

We will often find an essential oil to provide a natural, soft and sensual scent. It sometimes happens that to obtain particular virtues a set of essential oils are used, but rarely more than two at a time. If you have (extremely) fragile skin, sensitive skin or if the handmade care is for a child or baby, do not hesitate to choose a treatment designed with the minimum of natural ingredients (generally three to four) in order to take care of the body without using essential oils!

Hand made beauty products are also available for the hair. A shampoo bar or a conditioner bar will have its specificity depending on your hair type. Whether you have curly hair, tired hair, split hair, oily hair, normal hair, straight hair, dull hair or even curly hair you will have a shampoo and a conditioner bar that will suit your hair fiber type.

shampoo bar with conditionner bar on top of beauty bar

Hand made beauty bars: A substantial saving

One of the first remarks we can make is that solid body care products seem more expensive than liquid cosmetics. It is therefore not abnormal to wonder about the cost of solid bathroom body care. However, while comparing, it is important to compare what is comparable.

All solid care consists of the most important: active agents. Solid cosmetics are therefore focused on the essentials and allow you to concentrate on what your skin, hair, armpits or even your gums need. Without water, each bar is therefore usable much longer than conventional liquids. You take only what you need from your hygiene products and tap or shower water does the rest.

Using only what is necessary provides three times the longevity of liquid cosmetics. You will no longer waste products by pressing too hard on the bottle or by withdrawing too much. Ultimately, although a solid care of the same weight costs twice as much, it is almost 40% less expensive in use.

Solid care bars: preserved flora and fauna

Our environmental impact is disproportionate and increasingly oppressive for nature and biodiversity. Vectors of natural values and preservation of flora and fauna, solid care is carried out taking into account the preservation of nature from the implementation of the formula. You will quickly find that manufacturers seek to protect the environment from design, construction, to use. Combining natural products, primarily sourced locally, brands are also concerned about the labels they can obtain. You will thus find many certifications such as ECOCERT, SLOW COSMETIC, BIO, VEGAN or even CRUELTY-FREE backed by solid cosmetics. Solid care is therefore biodegradable and for the most part contributes to maintaining a healthy environment, preserving the oceans, the land and the animal kingdom.

Beauty bar cosmetics: the pleasure of a zero waste bathroom

Soap and shampoo bars also go hand in hand with zero waste. Solid skincare products are often available in bulk or have minimalist packaging, such as lightweight cardboard or a fully compostable kraft paper ring. To lighten your toiletry bag when traveling, travel formats have been created. They are packaged in fully recyclable and reusable metal boxes. Once your cosmetic is finished, you can refill them with the bulk refills, which are also fully biodegradable. Thus, you will no longer have to fear that a bottle will explode and that its contents will spill on your clothes, in the same way you drastically reduce the weekly production of plastic waste.

It is therefore obvious that you will not only no longer have to throw away single-use containers, but you will also avoid petroleum derivatives and preservatives in liquid care formulas. Excessive multicolored packaging will no longer have its place in your bathroom, which will now be peaceful and natural. Waterways will no longer be soiled with every shower or bath and you will deprive the oil industry of new polluting productions!

Solid cosmetics: so, let's get started?

Soap bar, shampoo bar, conditioner bar, tooth soap or even deodorant bars are real, credible, non-polluting alternatives that will lighten up your bathroom. Taking up less space and not being colorful, solid cosmetics will provide a calm and zen atmosphere in your zero waste bathroom!

There is only one question left, which cosmetic bar will you start with?

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