Discover the zero waste and plastic-free trends and how they contribute to an eco-responsible and healthier world. Keep up to date with the latest news and actions every week to be aware of the latest info!

What gift to give to a nature lover?

6 Months ago
It is sometimes difficult to choose a gift for a person who is dear to us, especially if it is a nature lover. Do not panic ! We have plenty of ideas for you. Discover them right here.

How can we protect ourselves against climate change?

7 Months ago
Climate change has a strong impact and we have to beware of it. Find out about the changes and how they impact you.

Eco-responsible gift ideas for a christening

10 Months ago
Christenings are always a privileged moment and often a headache in terms of gift. Between parents who are already well equipped and the age between birth and the upcoming birthday, it is never easy to have the right...

Baby-led Weaning (BLW), what you need to know

10 Months ago
We all love to learn on our own and for our baby it's the same, especially when it comes to eating! Find out everything you need to know to achieve a successful Baby Led weaning.

The different stages of food diversification

11 Months ago
Food diversification is the fun part of eating for a child and for parents. Finding out what he or she likes and what they don't like, but not all foods all at the same time. Find out step by step here what you can...

The benefits of the Konjac sponge for the body and the face

11 Months ago
Derived from a plant found in Southeast Asia, the Konjac sponge is now one of the best allies for natural skin care. It surprises both by its softness and by its multiple properties. Here we reveal everything you need...

5 zero waste gift ideas

11 Months ago
Looking for a zero waste gift idea? Discover here our top 5 ideas to lead you on the right track of an eco-responsible present.

How to select the right shampoo bar for white, blond or gray hair?

1 Year ago
White, gray or blond hair is fine, fragile hair that requires special care to avoid yellowing. Find out what to watch out for when choosing your solid shampoo for this type of hair fiber!

How to make your garden in permaculture!

1 Year ago
Creating your permaculture garden is also a step towards zero waste. A beautiful natural garden in harmony with nature is the culmination of many small acts. Find out how to achieve it!

Which conditioner bar for curly hair?

1 Year ago
It is not easy to have curly hair, it requires special care. Choosing the right conditioner bar is one of them. So here is everything you need to know to choose it well and take care of your hair naturally.

Mauro Colagreco's Restaurant is the first zero waste restaurant in the world

1 Year ago
If you are a fan of cooking and zero waste, then Mauro Colagreko is bound to mean something to you. After receiving the distinction of "best restaurant in the world" in 2020, it also became the first zero waste...

5 zero waste gift ideas for granny

1 Year ago
Making grandma happy is possible, all in zero waste! Discover our 5 ideas for an ecological gift for grandma!

The 5 good reasons to use a conditioner bar

1 Year ago
Are you thinking of switching to a conditioner bar but are still looking to getting convinced by this zero waste care? Discover the 5 reasons why you must try it!

Are edible insects the future of ecological food?

1 Year ago
Edible insects are increasingly being cultivated for consumption as a dish. Find out everything you need to know about this eco-friendly food to cook!

10 zero waste gift ideas for the teacher

1 Year ago
The end of the year is approaching and you want to give a gift filled with meaning to the teacher? Discover here our 10 zero waste gift ideas for her!

How to dry brush the body and all its benefits !

1 Year ago
Find out how to dry brush all over your body, from feet to face and all its benefits! Cellulite, natural skin and savings, we tell you everything!

10 original gift ideas for Father's Day

1 Year ago
Father's Day is coming up fast and you are still looking for the best gift idea for your dad? Discover here our 10 gift ideas for your hero!

The ecological impact and pollution associated with disposable masks and gloves

1 Year ago
Stop masking the environment and discover the ecological impact of single-use masks and gloves

All the benefits of solid cosmetic bars

1 Year ago
Bar cosmetics are very popular recently. Their increasing popularity deserves an article concerning all the benefits they have!

Plastic waste: Is recycling just a mirage?

1 Year ago
Plastic waste invades all living spaces on Earth. Is recycling a real alternative? Analyzes and explanations of a possible myth!

Solutions to make meal delivery zero waste

2 Years ago
What solutions to adopt to achieve zero waste home meal delivery. Analyzes, surveys and solutions to achieve zero waste meal deliveries!




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