How to make homemade ice cream without an ice cream maker (Our 3 recipes)

11 Hours ago
For zero waste cooking in the middle of summer, make your ice cream yourself without a machine with our 3 recipes for vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream!

How to use a shampoo bar?

1 Day ago
Want to try washing your hair with shampoo bar, but wondering how? Read our article to know the techniques!

How to make a homemade kite?

2 Days ago
Do you want to organize a fun home workshop with your child for this summer? Why not make a homemade kite! Find out how here!

Our 5 tips for choosing the right insulated reusable water bottle

3 Days ago
Looking to get an insulated bottle, but don't know how to find the best one? Follow our 5 tips now and find that water bottle you want !

Can you use a bee wrap to pack meat?

6 Days ago
A bee wrap has many uses. We use it to wrap all kinds of food and cosmetics, but can we use it to wrap meat?

Which hairbrush to choose for curly hair?

1 Week ago
Each hair type requires its own hairbrush. For curly hair, choosing a brush requires taking into account several aspects, find out here how to find the right brush!

Loofah squash: an exfoliating vegetable sponge with multiple properties

1 Week ago
Loofah speaks to you, but you don't know exactly what it is? Discover here the loofah sponge, all its properties and how this squash will benefit you for your zero waste approach!

Bulk bag tutorial, how to sew it yourself

1 Week ago
Do you want to sew your own bulk bag? Discover our tutorial and make your bags in bulk quickly to do your shopping in a zero waste way!

How to dry brush the body and all its benefits !

2 Weeks ago
Find out how to dry brush all over your body, from feet to face and all its benefits! Cellulite, natural skin and savings, we tell you everything!

What is stainless steel, how is it made and is it ecological ?

2 Weeks ago
Whether it's kitchen utensils, our insulated bottles or other everyday items, it's everywhere. Find out what stainless steel is and why it is environmentally friendly!

10 original gift ideas for Father's Day

2 Weeks ago
Father's Day is coming up fast and you are still looking for the best gift idea for your dad? Discover here our 10 gift ideas for your hero!

How to reuse a banana peel?

2 Weeks ago
Do you love bananas and want to reuse the peels? Check out our 12 tips on how to re-use banana peel intelligently.

How to make your home made window cleaner?

2 Weeks ago
Tired of using chemicals to clean your house? Make your window cleaner yourself with our quick recipes and save overnight!

How to clean your hairbrush in an eco-responsible way?

3 Weeks ago
Your brush is less and less effective and cleaning it would do it good? Read our tips on how to maintain your hairbrush sustainably and keep your hair clean!

Top 12 DIY Ideas with cork Stoppers

3 Weeks ago
Do you collect corks and don't know what to do with them? Check out our 12 great ideas on how to reuse them usefully at home, in the kitchen, outside and for receptions !

How to make breast milk soap?

3 Weeks ago
Making breast milk soap is quick and easy. Discover its benefits, our recipe and the different possible variations (honey, exfoliant, floral and fruity)

What is a sea sponge and what can it be used for?

4 Weeks ago
Durable, biodegradable and natural, the natural sea sponge is an animal that has been around for billions of years. Discover the different kinds and its many zero waste applications!

Why eco-friendly toothpaste is the right choice for you and the environment

4 Weeks ago
Find out why it is better to choose an ecological and responsible toothpaste and put aside the old chemical toothpaste in plastic tube for good!

How to replace plastic in everyday objects?

2 Months ago
Many plastic products are now obsolete and banned from our daily lives. The alternatives are simple and it is even possible to no longer use disposable items at all! Find out how !!

How to make your own bee wrap ?

3 Months ago
Do you want to make your homemade beeswax wrap? Find out how with a few scraps of fabric, a little beeswax and jojoba oil you can easily make your DIY beeswax wrap and avoid single-use plastic film wrap!

Homemade toothpaste: 3 easy DIY recipes you can do

3 Months ago
Want to try making your own toothpaste yourself? Try one of our three simple homemade recipes and brush your teeth healthily!

Our 8 simple homemade hair mask recipes

4 Months ago
Making your homemade hair mask will be child's play with these simple, effective and nourishing recipes! Find out how to restore luster and volume to your hair with ingredients that are already at home!

How to organize an ecological and sustainable Christmas?

7 Months ago
This year we will celebrate Christmas in an eco-responsible way! No waste, no plastic toys nor plastic decorations! We opt for green and sustainable solutions.




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