Find all our zero waste and plastic free useful information here. From what label means what, to what each individual ingredient can bring to your DIY creations. Our wiki is here to inform you !

What are the benefits of using a cold process soap?

6 Months ago
Cold process soap or CPS is a real treat for the skin. Nourishing, it softens and calms the epidermis, but not only. Find out all about it here.

First time at the swimming pool with baby, what to think of ?

10 Months ago
Taking your baby to the swimming pool is quite an adventure, especially the first time. Find out what to think about when taking a baby in the water here!

What is Konjac and how is it beneficial ?

1 Year ago
Konjac is a plant from Japan that has many properties. Both for food and for the body, in the form of a sponge. Find out all there is to know about Konjac here

Why does water stay hot in a stainless steel bottle?

1 Year ago
Able to keep water hot for more than 24 hours, how does the water stay hot in an insulated steel bottle? This invention from the beginning of the last century is now well mastered, here's how!

Jojoba oil, a vegetable wax with multiple benefits

1 Year ago
Jojoba oil is a real treasure and has many properties. Used in all bee wraps, this oil is also perfect for our body and our hair. Find out all there is to know about this oil!

Does the beeswax wrap go in the freezer?

1 Year ago
Using a beeswax wrap is simple and even very useful from a zero waste point of view. However, it is natural to wonder whether it goes in the freezer. We tell you everything here!

How to maintain a bar shampoo efficiently ?

1 Year ago
Bar shampoo is life, we all know it. However, we would like to make it last as long as possible. This article explains everything on how to maintain it as long as possible!

How to clean and maintain a natural sea sponge?

1 Year ago
We love to wash ourselves soflty with a sea sponge. However, to ensure that it lasts a long time, we must know how to maintain it. Find out here how to take care of it sustainably!

How many times can a beeswax food wrap be reused?

1 Year ago
The bee wrap is the zero waste solution to replace single-use packaging, but how many times can you actually reuse one?

What is plogging ?

1 Year ago
Have you ever heard of plogging, but are you looking to learn more about this zero waste sports activity? Discover plogging and everything you need to get started!

How is an insulated bottle made ?

1 Year ago
Insulated bottles are essential for our daily lives, but how are they really made? Find out all about the isotherm and its design!

What is zero waste ?

1 Year ago
We often talk about it, but it was time to describe it well and especially how to achieve it. Discover everything about zero waste, here!

All the benefits of the sea sponge

1 Year ago
The benefits of the sea sponge are numerous. This marine animal is a real treasure in terms of benefits for the skin, but not only! Discover them all here!

Which hairbrush to choose for fine hair?

1 Year ago
Do you have fine hair and are looking for the best hairbrush to avoid knots, split ends and have a beautiful natural hair? Discover our tips here!

Can you use a bee wrap to pack meat?

1 Year ago
A bee wrap has many uses. We use it to wrap all kinds of food and cosmetics, but can we use it to wrap meat?

Which hairbrush to choose for curly hair?

1 Year ago
Each hair type requires its own hairbrush. For curly hair, choosing a brush requires taking into account several aspects, find out here how to find the right brush!

Loofah squash: an exfoliating vegetable sponge with multiple properties

1 Year ago
Loofah speaks to you, but you don't know exactly what it is? Discover here the loofah sponge, all its properties and how this squash will benefit you for your zero waste approach!

What is stainless steel, how is it made and is it ecological ?

1 Year ago
Whether it's kitchen utensils, our insulated bottles or other everyday items, it's everywhere. Find out what stainless steel is and why it is environmentally friendly!

What is a sea sponge and what can it be used for?

1 Year ago
Durable, biodegradable and natural, the natural sea sponge is an animal that has been around for billions of years. Discover the different kinds and its many zero waste applications!




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