Can you use a bee wrap to pack meat?

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A beeswax food wrap is reusable food packaging. It is used to preserve dishes, snacks, leftovers and meals over the long term and helps fight against food waste in a healthy way while being zero waste. It is therefore the ideal alternative to stretch film and aluminum rolls. It is a kitchen accessory that has become essential for everyday life.

There are many questions concerning the use of this food wrap. Can it be used with all foods? Can it be used to wrap meat? Let's take the time to take a closer look so that you can use your beeswax food wrap healthily on a daily basis.

How is the beeswax food wrap useful?

chicken on cooking paper

This square of organic cotton coated with beeswax is able to seal and wrap any which container (ecological glass jars, borosilicate glass dishes, etc.), food and object, no matter the shape. Its specificity of being thermoformable is its main asset. Naturally heated by the touch of the heat of your hands, the fabric will bend to all shapes.

As mentioned previously, the beeswax food wrap is a totally zero waste food packaging. Washable and reusable at will, it is made with 100% natural ingredients. Plus, once you find that it doesn't adhere enough, you can either re-wax it easily, or compost it!

To wash it, just wash it by hand after each use. A splash of cold water or soapy water if it is a little dirtier. You can use a simple dish brush with some natural solid dish soap to do this effectively.

To re-coat it is very easy. In fact, as you use it, its ability to adhere decreases. To avoid having to get rid of it, you can extend its life. Sprinkle a little beeswax or vegetable wax on it then put it in the oven, as if you were making a home made bee wrap. You can find the steps here.

To sum up, the beeswax wrap is the essential zero waste kitchen accessory, making it simple to avoid using plastic with each meal and to avoid wasting food food at home. Our many patterns and sizes will allow you to find what you need and to be able to differentiate the dishes in color! Are you looking to learn more about the quality and type of fabric? Discover the perfect type of fabric for a bee wrap here.

Can we use a beeswax wrap to store meat?

With the reusable eco-friendly food packaging you can cut down, and even completely say goodbye to cellophane and aluminum foil. The bee wrap is used daily and can easily be reused for 1 year at a rate of 4 uses per week. However, it cannot be used for all foods, there are contraindications.

Beeswax food wrap: What not to wrap and why?

raw beef meat on cooking foil

Although the beeswax food wrap can wrap the vast majority of foods, there are a few foods that you should avoid wrapping. One for health reasons, the other to prolong the use of the reusable food wrap.

The bee wrap is not heat formable for nothing. It softens easily in the heat of the hands and is therefore not resistant to high heat. It should therefore never be put in the oven (electric or traditional) in the dishwasher or in the microwave. By passing them through these kitchen appliances, the beeswax will melt and make the bee wrap unusable.

Do not put any raw food in direct contact with the beeswax wrap. This is for important hygiene reasons. You should never put meat and fish directly on this sort of food wraps. To best preserve your raw or cooked meats, put them in a glass container, then cover the dish with the beeswax wrap without it touching the meat. This is the same rule for all kinds of meat and in particular:

  • Beef
  • Sheep
  • Sausages
  • Cold cuts
  • Ground meat
  • White meat
  • Chicken
  • Turkey

Your beeswax food wrap will thus be useful for your healthy daily life. By following the rule of not putting your wrap in contact with raw or cooked meat, you can ensure its long and healthy use.

To find the beeswax food wrap you need, click here !

beeswax wrap with cheese
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