Discover all the DIY formulas for your cosmetics or home made detergents, trends and patterns to make your own zero waste and plastic-free items! Find out how they will contribute to an eco-responsible and healthier home and how simple it is to save money ecologically!

The 10 best eco-friendly advent calendar ideas

1 Year ago
Advent calendars are a real disaster in terms of waste every year for a few bits of chocolate. Why not make your own?

5 eco-responsible ideas to bring your old light bulbs back to life

1 Year ago
As practical and indispensable as light bulbs are, their usefulness can be limited over the years. Rather than throwing them away, give them a second life through our five eco-responsible decoration ideas.

How to organise a zero waste birthday party

2 Years ago
Back to school is approaching and the birthday party to organize too! This year it will be under the sign of ecology and zero waste and it will also be elegant, here's how!

Our recipes for a homemade liniment

2 Years ago
Although a baby's bottom can always be cleaned with water, sometimes it is necessary to use a liniment to soothe the bump. In order to avoid a ready-made liniment, it is just as easy to make it yourself, here are our...

How to remove makeup naturally?

2 Years ago
Removing makeup is part of a daily beauty routine. Eyes, skin and pores are delicate and you have to do it softly, ideally without creating waste. Here are our tips for removing makeup naturally while taking...

The 5 Hair Brushing Mistakes Everyone Makes

2 Years ago
To brush your hair properly, you must avoid the most common mistakes when brushing. Here is the list of the 5 mistakes that you absolutely must not make!

How to make a homemade kite?

2 Years ago
Do you want to organize a fun home workshop with your child for this summer? Why not make a homemade kite! Find out how here!

Bulk bag tutorial, how to sew it yourself

2 Years ago
Do you want to sew your own bulk bag? Discover our tutorial and make your bags in bulk quickly to do your shopping in a zero waste way!

How to make your home made window cleaner?

2 Years ago
Tired of using chemicals to clean your house? Make your window cleaner yourself with our quick recipes and save overnight!

How to make breast milk soap?

2 Years ago
Making breast milk soap is quick and easy. Discover its benefits, our recipe and the different possible variations (honey, exfoliant, floral and fruity)

How to make your own bee wrap ?

2 Years ago
Do you want to make your homemade beeswax wrap? Find out how with a few scraps of fabric, a little beeswax and jojoba oil you can easily make your DIY beeswax wrap and avoid single-use plastic film wrap!

Homemade toothpaste: 3 easy DIY recipes you can do

2 Years ago
Want to try making your own toothpaste yourself? Try one of our three simple homemade recipes and brush your teeth healthily!

Our 8 simple homemade hair mask recipes

2 Years ago
Making your homemade hair mask will be child's play with these simple, effective and nourishing recipes! Find out how to restore luster and volume to your hair with ingredients that are already at home!

DIY homemade scrub recipes for face, body and hair!

3 Years ago
Discover our homemade recipes for effective and pleasant scrubs for your face, body and hair!

Recipes for homemade hair and facial masks with an egg

1 3 Years ago
Discover our recipes to make your mask, for your hair and for your face, yourself with an egg base.

Home made cosmetic recipes for the Face, Body & Hair

2 3 Years ago
Discover several simple and effective homemade cosmetic recipes. We have prepared DIY recipes for your whole body, the ingredients of which are already in your fridge! Discover and try them today!




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