How to maintain a bar shampoo efficiently ?

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According to statistics from several studies, 5 shampoo bottles are sold per second in France, or 174 million per year. This consumption, coupled with the controversial composition of these products, is enough to raise concerns about their environmental impact. The ideal alternative remains a solid shampoo, a natural and zero waste hair care product. It is easy to use and stores easily for better durability. Find out how to optimize its conservation!

Why use a shampoo bar?

For starters, solid hair care is a smart choice for the planet. It is often marketed without packaging in order to reduce waste in the bathroom as much as possible. So you can say goodbye to the plastic bottles of conventional shampoos that clutter your trash.

In addition, this product does not contain any questionable ingredients that would tend to endanger the health of users. You will not find any trace of BPA, paraben or any other petrochemical product there. Suffice it to say that this natural product does not cause irritation or physiological abnormalities.

A shampoo bar is more viable than a conventional shampoo, it can serve an average of 60 washes. It is therefore an investment that will benefit your budget over time. It's also more convenient for on the go as long as you store it neatly in your bag.

Above all, this hair care respects the health of the hair by providing it with the necessary elements according to its composition. In particular, it ensures a fair distribution of sebum. On the other hand, this treatment nourishes and hydrates the hair from roots to ends.

Finally, for those fond of home-made, there is no shortage of recipes for making solid hair care on the internet. Note, however, that this initiative requires the use of natural ingredients in order to be compatible with zero waste.

bar shampoo for the holidays

How to maintain a shampoo bar effectively?

The compact texture of this solid hair treatment and care is the lack of packaging make storage instructions inevitable. There is nothing simpler to do this, make sure it dries completely away from any moisture after each use. You can put your product on a soap dish.

Once completely dry, store the product in a metal box or waterproof and washable storage pouch. Otherwise, consider tucking it into a soap box or hanging it in a healthy, dry washcloth. Remember that proper storage of this hair care requires a dry and clean environment.

How do I use bar shampoo?

If this is your first time trying solid organic hair care, note that it only takes a few recommendations to use it:

  • First wet your hair as you would with a classic shampoo
  • Moisten the shampoo pebble and then run it directly through the hair if it is long. Otherwise, lather the product in your hands beforehand then pass the mousse through the hair
  • Then perform circular movements while gently massaging the scalp
  • Finally, rinse with clear, lukewarm water

Over time, your hair will gain in shine, health and suppleness.

How often should I use my shampoo bar to clean my hair?

Daily application of solid hair care can weaken the hair, attack the scalp and cause sebum production. To streamline uses, consider the nature of your hair. Dry hair should be washed less regularly than oily hair.

As a general rule, it is recommended to apply hair care twice a week at most. However, it will be necessary to adjust the number of sessions according to the behavior of the hair and its needs. Also, consider providing deeply nourishing hair care with a conditioner bar.

How to recycle the leftovers of my shampoo bar?

Those familiar with shampoo bars care know that it is relatively complex to finish the product completely. There are always bits and pieces left that you can now recycle so that nothing is thrown away. All you have to do is stack the chips from the old product onto a new one. They will stick easily to the latter.

In addition, it is possible to store organic hair care residues in a soap net, they will gradually attach to each other. All you have to do is rub the scalp completely using the mesh.

The main takeaway from all of this is that solid shampoo can be stored using simple methods. Good observance of these principles will help you reap the benefits over the long term. This completely ecological treatment has the same performance as its liquid equivalent if not more. Finally, be sure to choose a natural product suited to the nature of your hair for increased effectiveness.

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