How to select the right shampoo bar for white, blond or gray hair?

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You have certainly heard of shampoo bars, a care intended for the maintenance and cleaning of the scalp and hair. If it is more popular, it is because of its zero waste appearance and its natural compositions varying according to the types of hairs that have to be washed. Are you looking for the ideal organic hair care product to take care of your gray or blond hair? What follows is sure to grab your attention.

Wy prefer a shampoo bar ?

At first glance, the shampoo bar stands out for its ecological advantage, as it is completely compatible with an eco-responsible living approach. It has no packaging to reduce plastic pollution caused by the classic model. This is a significant advantage when you consider that roughly 200 million shampoo bottles are sold per year in the UK. In addition, its ingredients are limited in number, it contains only a small amount of water, hence its compact appearance.

Furthermore, the natural composition of this hair product has been designed in order to best preserve the user's health. Unlike its liquid equivalent, you will not find any harmful elements such as BPA, silicones, synthetic preservatives or parabens. Its use thus saves you endocrine disruptors or carcinogenic substances.

Regarding its effectiveness, the organic hair care for gray hair maintains the hair just as much as its equivalent liquid. According to its formula, it deeply nourishes and hydrates the hair while providing it with the necessary protection against external aggressions. Thus, it proves to be beneficial not only for the environment but also for the hair health.

In addition, this product helps reduce your budget due to do the fact that it has double the shelf life of the liquid form. If you are an adventurer, you will be surprised by the convenience of this treatment, it fits easily in a bag for any outing.

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What shampoo bar for white or gray hair?

If you want to preserve the gray of your hair or its natural white color, note that this requires special maintenance . Among the elements to be given priority for a shampoo bar for white or gray hair , you need to find the following:

  • The essential oil of matricaria or German chamomile: it preserves white or gray hair against yellowing. This ingredient also provides shine with blonde highlights.
  • Organic shea butter: it protects the hair fiber, coats the hair, nourishes it while preventing the appearance of split ends.
  • Organic pracaxi oil: it facilitates disentangling, softens and beautifies the hair.
  • Rice protein: it provides volume and strengthens the hair fiber.
  • German chamomile hydrosol: this distillation water revives the white of your hair. It prevents yellowing, provides shine and silvery reflections to the hair.
  • Matricaria chamomile powder: it illuminates white hair and soothes the scalp. It also accentuates the honeyed highlights of people with blond hair.
  • Indigo powder: a henna coloring powder that accentuates the shine of the natural color of your hair while giving it strength and suppleness.
  • Organic olive oil: its high content of vitamins and fatty acids gives it restorative, fortifying and nourishing actions. The polyphenols contained in this oil accentuate the natural color of the hair.

This synergy of components makes such a treatment effective for the maintenance of white, blond and hair. Remember that essential oils are contraindicated for pregnant women or people with allergies. In these cases, there are products formulated without this ingredient.

What tips for the use of a shampoo bar for white hair?

To enjoy the benefits of this product, please observe the usage and storage guidelines.

How is it used?

Applying organic hair care for white hair is very easy as long as you observe the following procedure:

  • Humidify your hair
  • Lather the product in your hands or apply it directly.
  • Carefully massage the scalp and lengths with small circular movements.
  • Leave the treatment on for a maximum of 3 to 5 minutes to increase its effectiveness.
  • Finally, rinse with clean water.

For softer, more resilient hair, consider using a conditioner bar occasionally. It is recommended to detangle using a wide-toothed wooden comb. Also, prefer drying in the open air with a hairdryer which can be drying.

How to prolong its shelf life?

The lifespan of your product will depend primarily on how you store it. To benefit from it over the long term, avoid allowing the treatment to soak in water. Instead, be sure to keep it away from any stagnant moisture. This can be done by allowing it to air dry on a soap dish after each use.

Otherwise, you have the option of storing the treatment in a clean soap bag or washcloth. The idea of putting it in a canister when dry is also a good option.

How often should I use it ?

As a general rule, it is recommended to apply the organic hair care at around 3 sessions per week. This allows the body to unaccustom itself to chemicals found in classic fluid patterns. Once your hair is free of sticky or greasy effects, a weekly application will be more than enough. Also, do not hesitate to alternate possibly with a classic solid hair care appropriate to the nature of your hair.

You are now a little bit more informed about the solid shampoo suitable for the care of white or gray hair. Beyond its effectiveness, this product deserves its place among the zero waste items in your bathroom. Finally, to multiply its achievements and preserve your well-being, pay attention to the natural composition of the product.

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