Our 8 simple homemade hair mask recipes

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The homemade hair mask is an often overlooked treatment in our hair routine. However, it should still find its place in your bathroom, next to your shampoo or conditioner. Hair mask plays a big role in making your hair strong, shiny and healthy.

This type of rich care has many properties: it regenerates damaged hair, nourishes split ends, restores shine and hydration.

To bring all this to your hair, you don't need to buy masks in stores. You can make it yourself from ingredients you find in your kitchen! This type of homemade hair mask is an excellent alternative to conventional products.

Today, we are sharing our best homemade hair mask recipes. For best results, it's important to apply them at least once a week for a few weeks at a time.

You can use a charlotte or a towel after applying the mask to your hair. Above all, it should not be kept on your scalp for more than 30 minutes.

We let you choose and find the best homemade hair mask recipe according to your hair and needs.

Our 8 best homemade hair mask recipes

Each homemade hair mask recipe brings its share of benefits. The goal is not to make the same hair mask every week, but to change your homemade hair care recipe every week. This will lead to a virtuous circle for your hairstyle and allow you to make the right natural homemade mask depending on how your hair fiber evolves.

The recipes offered each have their own virtues. Whether your hair is oily, dry or normal, you will find the recipe for homemade hair mask that will match.

Homemade hair mask with avocado

This avocado hair mask is an excellent nourishing treatment, which additionally improves the shine of the hair and makes it very smooth.


  • 1 medium avocado
  • 2-3 spoonfulls of olive oil
  • 1 spoonfull of lemon juice
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of castor oil (optional)


Mash the avocado with a fork or blend it in a blender until you get a smooth paste. Mix it with the rest of the ingredients. Apply the homemade mask to your hair and scalp, and after 20-30 minutes, rinse and wash with a mild shampoo.

What is the action of each ingredient?

Avocado : protects hair from external aggressions, closes scales and smooths hair; it is perfect for promoting hair growth and reducing the porosity of the hair fiber.

Olive oil : makes hair shinier, promotes growth and protects ends

Lemon juice : regulates sebum secretion, provides shine and radiance

Castor oil : deeply nourishes and hydrates the hair, strengthens it and promotes growth

Homemade hair mask with linen gel

A flax gel hair mask is one of the simplest and most effective face masks to make at home.


  • 4 tablespoons of flax seeds (for medium-length hair)


The day before, pour the flax seeds into a glass with hot water. Set the mixture aside, in a cool place, overnight. In the morning, the flax gel will separate from the seeds. Drain the seeds (which incidentally you can use to make a natural body scrub) and apply the gel to the full length of your dry hair, as well as to your scalp. If you wish, you can combine the gel and add honey, avocado oil or lemon juice to it. Keep the homemade hair mask for 30 minutes, rinse and wash your hair.

What is its action?

This aqueous gel is both hydrating and soothing. It will nourish the hair in depth, giving it shine and strengthening it. It is particularly suitable for dry hair, curly hair, frizzy or wavy.

Homemade hair mask with egg yolk

This classic mask will allow you to fight against hair loss, will strengthen them and promote their growth to densify your hair.


  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 teaspoon of castor oil
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil


Mix all the ingredients to get a smooth mixture. Apply it to the hair and scalp and keep it on for about 30 minutes. Rinse and wash your hair with a mild, natural shampoo.

What is the action of each ingredient?

  • Egg yolk : improves hair elasticity and hydrates hair, makes hair silkier, reduces breakage and reduces split points
  • Castor oil : one of the best oils to strengthen hair and amplify its density and volume
  • Olive oil : nourishes and enhances the hair fiber while enhancing the hair color

Homemade hair mask with sweet almond oil

This mask, very simple to make, will provide great comfort for colored, dull and relatively dry hair.


  • 3 tablespoons of sweet almond oil
  • 2 tablespoons of plain organic yogurt


Mix the oil with the yogurt so you can apply the mixture to your hair. Hold it there for about 30 minutes, rinse and wash your hair.

What is the action of each ingredient?

  • Sweet almond : perfectly nourishes the hair, restoring their natural shine and supporting the regeneration processes. It tightens the scales for more shine while increasing the resistance of the hair fiber
  • Natural yogurt : brings many benefits to the hair fiber, it nourishes and hydrates it deeply, makes it softer and reduces frizz. Fights dandruff and soothes irritation of the scalp by regulating the secretion of sebum.

homemade yogurt hair mask

Homemade banana hair mask

This banana-based mask will be perfect to restore vigor to tired and lackluster hair.


  • Half a banana
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 2 tablespoons of natural organic yogurt (optional but recommended)


Mash the banana with a fork and mix it with honey and plain yogurt. Try to get the mixture as homogeneous as possible. Apply to your hair and keep it on for 30 minutes. Rinse and wash your hair.

What is the action of each ingredient?

  • Banana : softens and grows hair, nourishes it and makes it supple; helps prevent peeling
  • Honey : deeply moisturizes, restores shine, brightness and lightness to hair

ingredients for homemade banana hair mask

Homemade hair mask with beer

Surprised ? It may come as a surprise, but beer is a great ingredient to make your hair mask. Beer contains B vitamins, which are essential for the health of the hair fiber. It also contains minerals such as silicon, calcium, magnesium and potassium.


  • 2/3 glass of wheat beer
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 teaspoon of honey


Pour the beer into a glass and set aside for 2-3 hours to degasify. Then mix the drink with the egg yolk and honey and apply all over your hair. Keep for 30 minutes, then rinse and wash your hair.

What is the action of each ingredient?

Homemade hair mask with aloe vera gel

This natural and homemade mask will be perfect for all hair types, especially very porous, dry, fine and weakened hair.


  • 3 tablespoons of aloe vera gel
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil


Mix the two ingredients and apply the length of your hair. Hold for 30-40 minutes, rinse and wash your hair with mild shampoo.

What is the action of each ingredient?

  • Aloe vera gel : moisturizes the scalp, relieves itching, restores pH level, stimulates growth, smooths and shines hair.
  • Coconut oil : helps protect hair on a daily basis; promotes growth, helps repair weakened, dry and tired hair

Homemade hair mask with fresh yeast

This mask will be ideal for oily hair which will simply love its effect.


  • ½ serving of a square of fresh yeast
  • ½ glass of organic milk


To prepare this mask, dissolve the fresh yeast in slightly heated milk. Apply along the length of your hair. Leave for about 30 minutes, rinse and wash your hair with shampoo.

What is the action of each ingredient?

  • Fresh yeast : purifies the roots, regulates the secretion of sebum.
  • Milk : softens the lengths, fights against hair loss and deeply hydrates the hair

There is a mask for each hair type and hair condition

Take the time to make a homemade hair mask once a week to nourish and hydrate your hair. Alternating with each formula will provide the different nutrients in different ways and especially vary their diet. Do not hesitate to come and tell us which homemade mask for your hair you liked the most!

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