Easy zero waste tips when travelling and on holidays

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Our zero waste habits, well worked out at home, can easily get lost during the holidays. To continue your ecological approach during your deserved rest, we reveal some useful and simple tips to follow. These small gestures will make your trips zero waste and drastically reduce your ecological footprint. How to prepare your backpack and zero waste suitcase while being minimalist and taking only what is necessary and what is reusable? What should I do to consume less and differently while being careful not to use single-use plastic and paying attention to waste prevention during the trip? All of these actions are possible, so follow our tips and advice and have a great zero waste vacation and travel!

What I put in my zero waste suitcase

Thoughtful preparation of how to pack our zero waste travel bag is crucial not to be caught off guard. Hence, before leaving, prepare all the items for your luggage that will be useful to you on the spot and avoid waste.

1. I prepare my zero waste toiletry bag

The toiletry bag is an essential element in every suitcase. In zero waste mode and without plastic, it will be much more minimalist and lighter. In addition, if you go with cosmetic bars, it will accompany you in the plane cabin!

To prepare your zero waste, zero plastic and natural kit, we advise you to opt only for solid cosmetics. Soap bar, shampoo bars, toothsoap bars and deodorant bars, solid makeup remover... The offer is large enough to find a solid equivalent for each cosmetic. This will allow you to manager a vast reduction in waste.

By following the zero plastic approach, we do not forget our ecological toothbrush. You can choose the one with exchangeable head or bamboo. A perfect eco-responsible solution that will avoid any waste.

Sunscreens are the Achilles heel of many litter-free toiletries. Alternatives to the plastic tube or jar are still rare, but they do exist. Try to find one in a metallic jar, or make your homemade sunscreen. This will limit waste and the metal jar will be reusable as a soap dish in the future! If you unfortunately cannot find one, choose the least worst solution and take a recyclable plastic tube whose cream will not harm marine flora and fauna.

So as not to overwhelm you, choose a multipurpose balm in a metal cylinder that will be used to nourish your skin, face, hair, hands, feet. Systematically opt for 100% natural, zero waste and multi-use cosmetics to reduce your ecological footprint. The multiple use of a bar cosmetics reduces the space required in a suitcase, its weight and reduces the use of packaging.

2. For my "girls only" trip, I take my cup

Having your period during the holidays is no fun, we all know that. But often, unfortunately, it just so happens to fall on that one week. To avoid using disposable tampons and pads, swith to a zero waste solution: the menstrual cup. Flexible, made of medical grade silicone, it will serve you for long hours. It can hold up to three times the flow of a disposable tampon, so you'll be more comfortable. You can use it day or night, in all circumstances. Beyond being a clean alternative, it is above all healthier for your body and will avoid all the micro bacteria contained in cotton and plastic hygienic protections.

3. I'm travelling with baby! I bring my reusable nappies and reusable pool nappies along

Only 10% of parents dared to take the plunge and switch to reusable nappies. If you are among them, don't hesitate to continue this habit during the holidays! Of course, the nappies will take up a little space in your suitcase, on the other hand you will remain green until the end during your zero waste trip :) Regarding their washing, we suggest that you check if your rental has a washing machine. If so, bingo, you can wash them off without having to worry about it. Otherwise, see if there is a local laundromat near your rental. Take a couple of additional nappies, you know, for "just in case" ;).

Stuff for a zero waste trip

What I put in my zero waste backpack

1. I never forget my stainless steel bottle or flask

Do you have any doubts about the quality of tap water compared to bottled water? Rest assured, tap water is the most controlled and healthiest water. The taste argument is understandable. However, you just need to air the water out for the taste to dissapear. Then just fill up your insulated bottle for your trip!

2. For my pleasure and that of my children, I take my reusable straws

During the holidays, straws are that little treat that children (and sometimes adults) find it hard to say "no" to. However, you can definitely take advantage of it by taking your reusable straws with you! In stainless steel, bamboo, silicone, angled or straight, they take up little space in your travel bag. They are washable, so you can use them at will. You can easily slip them into your zero waste backpack and enjoy them to the full with every drink. An easy to follow zero waste tip.

3. For my to go drinks, I take my collapsible cup

When we travel, we love to take to go drinks. Breakfast on the road, accompanied by coffee or orange juice in a tumbler. Although the use of plastic cups, according to the energy transition law, is banned in Europe, we continue to buy take-away drinks in disposable cups and therefore produce waste. An easy and zero waste tip is in front of you: a collapsible and reusable cup! A real ecological revolution, these reusable and nomadic zero waste cups are perfect for a trip or a beach vacation. Folded, this designer mug is only 4 centimeters thick, so you can take several for the whole family. Accompanied by a silicone straw for the larger versions, it is suitable for all kinds of drinks. A must have for your zero waste suitcase!

4. I don't forget my bee-wrap, sandwich pouch or food box

If you plan to prepare your own meals for a zero waste picnic, consider bringing a few items to carry your preparations. For your sandwiches, we advise you to take reusable beeswax food wrap. They are easy to use, take up little space and will be used to pack your plastic free sandwiches.

You can also equip yourself with sandwich or snack baggies. A snack on the road, easy to take away, will always be welcome when you are feeling hungry. If you are preparing your fruits or vegetables, take a box with you to transport them. Packing your food with reusable solutions is important because it is often food packaging that ends up in the garbage the most!

5. For my small errands, I bring my tote bag and a bulk bag

Even if you always have your backpack with you, don't hesitate to put a cotton tote bag and a bulk bag in it as well. Your bag and net for bulk being very light and small, they will serve you for your shopping at the local market. Once again, you will be proud to be able to say that you are continuing your zero waste approach, even on vacation.

How I organize myself at the hotel

1. I refuse to use the cosmetics offered in the rooms

Many hotels offer mini cosmetic tubes in their bathrooms. Try not to use them. Even if they are "free", stick with your solid cosmetics. Being sure of what they are made of, you will not have to worry about allergies by unknown ingredients they might contain.

2. I use only one trash can in my room

In your hotel room there are often 2-3 small bins available. It doesn't matter if you throw one, two or ten items in a trash can, the person who will clean your room will throw them out so you come back to a clean room. Technically, if you apply our suggested tips, you will only produce a minimum of waste. However, if you have something to throw away, try to use only one bin so that other bin bags don't get thrown out every time with just one item.

Zero waste travel is child's play

All of these small, easy, eco-responsible gestures make it possible to realize that traveling without wasting is in no way complicated. Refusing waste will be an additional pride in your discoveries and will help protect the planet a little more. A minimalist suitcase, an eco backpack, a respectful mode of discovery and adventure and the holidays will only be more rewarding. At least that's our point of view!

What about you, what are your practical zero-waste tips while on vacation?

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