How to remove makeup naturally?

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Make-up removal is an essential step in a beauty ritual, it cleans make-up and impurities from the face. However, a chemical-based makeup remover can cause redness, irritation or pimples. Fortunately, there are natural and less aggressive alternatives to commercial makeup removers. These organic and economical solutions are easily achieved using products that are useful to us on a daily basis. We tell you all about the method for natural makeup removal.

Vegetable oil as a makeup remover

As you probably know, supermarket and conventionnal makeup removers contain controversial ingredients that, in the long run, weaken the skin. For this, it is advisable to bet on natural solutions in your skincare ritual to remove your makeup naturally.

Why remove makeup with vegetable oil

It may seem surprising, but vegetable oils are both natural and effective makeup removers. As their name suggests, these oils come from plants, plants or kernels. They are used to hydrate, protect and nourish the skin. Because makeup contains fatty substances, it will be easily absorbed by the greasy texture of vegetable oil.

Vegetable oils have the gift of removing all traces of makeup in a natural way, even those resistant to water (waterproof). Also, facial massage with vegetable oil eliminates traces of perspiration as well as pollution particles. This ecological alternative to conventional makeup removers is easy to access at the organic store.

For increased effectiveness, opt for vegetable oil adapted to the nature of your skin:

  • Olive oil or Aloe vera oil is used for natural make-up removal from all skin types.
  • If you have dry or fragile skin, turn to a natural makeup remover based on coconut, borage, avocado or sunflower oil.
  • For oily skin, it is recommended to use light vegetable oils such as jojoba or sweet almond oil
  • For mature skin, argan, borage or evening primrose oil is a wise choice
  • For acne-prone skin, it is recommended to remove makeup with sweet almond, avocado or hazelnut oil

natural products to remove make up naturally

Vegetable oils should be preferred to the detriment of mineral oils found in conventional cosmetics. The latter are not very ecological because they contain petroleum. In addition, they provide a feeling of hydration and softness without deeply nourishing the skin. A mineral oil-based makeup remover can cause pimples or blackheads on the face over the long term.

How to proceed ?

The use of vegetable oil as a natural make-up remover comes down to a few simple steps:

  • Pour a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand (2 pressures).
  • If you have dry or fragile skin, turn to a natural makeup remover based on coconut, borage, avocado or sunflower oil.
  • Rub the palms of your hands together to warm the oil
  • Massage your face using circular motions. This action purifies your skin and nourishes it in depth
  • Finally, run lukewarm water on the face

For the eyes, moisten a wipe with vegetable oil or a reusable cotton pad. This helps to cleanse mascara and remove eye shadow. Alternatively, you can replace the disposable cotton pads with a konjac sponge. If you have oily skin, consider diluting the vegetable oil in lukewarm water before use.

Make-up removal with milk or natural yogurt

Milk is one of the most effective natural makeup removers and is much more practical than you might think. Indeed, the lactic acid it contains gives it a strong exfoliating property. This natural make-up removal can be done with liquid milk or natural yogurt.

How to remove makeup with liquid milk?

Make-up removal with milk makes the skin smooth while providing it with clarity and freshness. Here is how to remove make-up with liquid milk:

  • Boil 5 tablespoons of milk then let cool
  • Wipe your face beforehand with water and neutral soap
  • Soak a cotton ball with milk and dab it on the skin of your face
  • Then remove the excess milk using a clean reusable cotton
  • Rinse your face using an organic cotton glove

Don't hesitate to use lukewarm water when rinsing to wash off any makeup or milk.

How to remove makeup with yogurt?

You have the possibility of making your yogurt a natural and effective make-up remover in a few steps:

  • Take the plain yogurt out of the fridge
  • Once warm, apply it on your face
  • Perform a massage then leave it on for 10 minutes
  • Remove make-up using reusable make-up removing cottons

Yogurt, like milk, helps your skin feel soft and hydrated.

natural products to remove makeup from the face

Honey baking soda makeup remover

Combined with baking soda, honey is a perfect counter to conventional makeup removers made with questionable ingredients. In order to respond to a natural and ecological approach, it is advisable to use organic honey. Also, use a soft washcloth during the treatment. To remove makeup in a natural way with honey and baking soda, please follow these instructions:

  • Apply a tablespoon of honey to the washcloth
  • Sprinkle the honey with a pinch of baking soda
  • Gently massage the skin of your face after mixing the 2 ingredients
  • Rinse everything

However, it is contraindicated to spread this preparation on the eyes and their contours because of its abrasive nature on fragile areas.

As a solution, feel free to use vaseline. It effectively removes marks from mascara or eyeliner. Its application only requires a washable cotton pad. After that, rinse your face with lukewarm water to remove all makeup. However, be careful not to use vaseline as a makeup remover on the rest of the face, as it may clog the pores of the epidermis.

How to tone and soothe the skin after removing make-up?

After removing makeup, your skin will need hydration and pore tightening. There's nothing like a floral water rinse for this. However, be sure to select the hydrosol in phase with your skin type:

  • For dry skin, favor cornflower or rose floral water
  • For sensitive skin, rose floral water is a wise choice
  • For acne-prone skin, tea tree hydrosol is ideal
  • For mature skin, it is preferable to bet on an orange blossom hydrosol

Remember that this step only requires a light application of the floral water, so just spray it on your skin. If you can, rinse your face with cool water to promote microcirculation. For the drying phase, gently pat the skin of the face with a clean and dry sponge.

If you are a DIY lover, make a cucumber-based preparation as a complement to makeup removal. To do this, cut half a cucumber into pieces, pour them into a container of water and then add the juice of half a lemon. To apply this solution, use a spray bottle or washable wipe.

What advice for natural makeup removal?

At this stage, you probably understood, that conventional makeup removers with chemical compounds are to be banned from your beauty routine. If you are still tempted by a gel cleanser, note that sodium lauryl sulfate is an ingredient to avoid. Beyond its not very ecological aspect, it causes irritation and drying of the skin.

In addition, it is advisable to adopt certain reflexes for a natural and zero waste beauty ritual:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before removing make-up in order to limit the proliferation of bacteria.
  • Prefer the washable cleansing wipes or a glove in order to limit your environmental impact. They are economical, durable and easy to make at home.
  • Cleanse your face every morning to remove the sebum produced during the night. Also, this action prepares the skin for care to be received in the morning.

As a reminder, make circles when massaging your face. This allows for deep cleansing and hydration.

All in all, while it is important to cleanse and purify the skin, it is essential to pay attention to the product used. The natural make-up removers mentioned above prove to be more economical and effective compared to those on the market. Finally, be sure to follow the specific instructions for each alternative in order to increase results.

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