Ceramic Soap Dish "Beige Monstera"

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Leaf-shaped ceramic soap dishes
  • Ceramic Soap Dish "Beige Monstera"
  • Ceramic Soap Dish "Latté"
  • Ceramic Soap Dish "Golden Autumn"
  • Ceramic Soap Dish "Enchanted Leaf"
  • Ceramic Soap Dish "Monstera"
  • Ceramic Soap Dish "Spring Drop"
  • Ceramic Soap Dish "Maple Heart"

An essential accessory for a zero waste bathroom, the Monstera - Cream ceramic soap dish is very useful. Offered by the eco-friendly brand Takaterra, it allows soap or solid shampoo to dry quickly.
This item is handmade in a traditional workshop. To increase its originality, this soap holder has a shape similar to that of a Monstera leaf. It has ridges to allow water to drain off and your solid cosmetics to dry quickly. It takes up very little space and weighs only 86 grams with dimensions of 9.5cm x 10cm x 2 cm. The ceramic soap dish suits a minimalist lifestyle and accentuates the aesthetics of any bathroom style.

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What are the strengths of the ceramic soap dish by Takaterra?

The Monstera - Cream ceramic soap dish proposed by the eco-friendly brand Takaterra has a number of advantages:

  • Handcrafted product that respects the environment and human health
  • Increases the life of your solid soaps and shampoos
  • Durable, hygienic and economical
  • Each soap dish is unique, thanks to the know-how of craftsmen
  • Can be installed anywhere in the bathroom (bathtub edge, sink)
  • Prevents the proliferation of bacteria
  • Easy to clean

Why choose the Monstera-Crème ceramic soap dish?

Are you looking for an effective solution to the premature dissolution of your soaps or solid cosmetics in general? Choose the Monstera-Crème ceramic soap dish from the eco-friendly brand Takaterra.
Made by hand, this accessory guarantees your solid cosmetics optimal drying and durability. The ceramic soap dish is the ideal ally for creating a minimalist and zero waste bathroom. It is equipped with various holes to ensure that excess water drains quickly and efficiently.
This accessory dries your solid cosmetics in record time and increases their shelf life. It prevents your soap bars from ending up in a pasty consistency early on. In addition to its effectiveness, the Monstera-Crème ceramic soap dish has a significant aesthetic advantage. With its similarity to Monstera leaves, it gives a natural touch to your bathroom. Because it is handmade and produced in small batches, each ceramic soap dish is unique.
Elegant and practical, this accessory can easily be placed on the washbasin or on the edge of your bathtub. Its raised edges ensure that your solid cosmetics are held and kept clean, preventing them from falling to the floor. The holder keeps your solid soaps and shampoos free from bacteria, which often thrive in wet environments. Dry your solid cosmetics quickly and extend their life with the Monstera-Crème ceramic soap dish from the eco-friendly brand Takaterra

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