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The natural loofah sponge allows you to take care of your body and do the dishes. Loofah is effective as an ecological and natural scrub to fight against cellulite. This vegetable sponge stimulates the epidermis, activates blood circulation and helps eliminate orange skin. Its plant fibers gently exfoliate the skin, while cleaning impurities in a healthy and ecological way. With a large size of 15 cm in length and a diameter of 10 cm, it can be used everywhere. Before each use, all you need to do is moisten your loofah sponge, to swell its fibers on contact with water. For washing dishes, its scraping action allows you to scour your dishes in the blink of an eye! The loofah sponge meets all the needs of a zero waste home.

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Classic plastic shower flowers are more inadvisable in view of the health risks they present. In addition, their use is considerably limited in time, which makes waste harmful to the environment. These reasons justify the use of the loofah sponge, an ecological and sustainable alternative for natural body care. Here is all about this essential for your zero waste home and its multiple benefits for the body.

What is the Luffa sponge

From its scientific name loofah aegyptiaca, loofah is a plant that has been used as a natural sponge for skin care for millennia. Contrary to popular belief, the loofah is not a maritime species, it is a squash that grows on land. Its origins are diverse, it is found in Asia, India and Africa, where especially those which are popular in Europe come from. Its names vary according to the country, it is known under the name of sponge squash, luffah, sponge gourd, loofa or even hammam squash.

When it dries, the loofah becomes a real natural sponge with plant fibers and biodegradable used for both body care and household maintenance. Depending on your needs, it can be cut into longer or shorter sections. Beyond cleaning and personal care, sponges are intended for a multitude of uses. You can thus obtain various vegetable sponges for each use (dishes, bath, maintenance…).

The vegetable sponge is therefore an ecological alternative to shower flowers composed of harmful ingredients. It is fully biodegradable and compostable at the end of its life. The vegetable sponge is therefore one of the best zero waste sponges. It is perfect for preserving your health.

What are the benefits of the loofah sponge on the skin?

Regular use of the vegetable sponge gives the skin a feeling of well-being and allows it to breathe better. This sponge brings suppleness to your skin while making it more beautiful. Concretely, the loofah sponge has a variety of benefits for the body:

  • It gently exfoliates the skin, eliminates any greasy effect and impurities
  • The vegetable sponge stimulates blood circulation
  • It eliminates dead skin and makes the skin regain its elasticity
  • It fights effectively against cellulite
  • It helps soften the horns of the feet
  • It serves as a scrub for the driest parts of the body (knees, elbows, heels, etc.)
  • It helps the skin to regain its original shine
  • The vegetable sponge accentuates the penetration of cosmetic treatments
  • It provides the skin with a glowing and smooth appearance

For an exfoliating effect, use the inner fibers of the sponge, they are more sparse and stronger. In contrast, the outer fibers are softer and tighter.

How to maintain and store a loofah sponge?

After each use, be sure to rinse and dry your vegetable sponge thoroughly. For better drying, please hang your sponge in the open air. Also note that the vegetable sponge is a personal care product.

In addition, it is recommended to regularly disinfect your vegetable sponge once a week. This action has the gift of eliminating the proliferation of bacteria or microbes. You can do this by soaking your sponge in boiling water for a few minutes. It is also possible to put your damp vegetable sponge in the microwave for a maximum of 20 seconds. Finally, be sure to keep your sponge in a dry place away from dust.

How to maintain and store a loofah sponge?

How often you use a vegetable sponge will mostly depend on the nature of your skin. You can use it daily on rough areas of your body. For sensitive areas, it is best to limit the use of the sponge to once a week. This method saves your skin from irritation and dehydration.

However, it should be noted that the loofah sponge is generally suitable for all skin types. However, it is better to restrict its use if your skin has chronic conditions. This particularly concerns cases of open wounds, dermatitis or atopic eczema or even small scratches.

All in all, the loofah sponge is a perfect ally for natural and zero waste body care. It is ecological and its environmental impact is considerably limited. As a reminder, compliance with the maintenance and conservation instructions will determine the durability of your vegetable sponge.

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