Granite Red Stainless Steel Bottle - 500ml

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The 500 ml granite red stainless steel insulated Qwetch bottle is comfortable in hand, raw and elegant at the same time. This stainless steel bottle gives meaning to your zero waste and plastic free approach and will allow you to always have water on you. The reusable stainless steel bottle made from the highest quality materials does not retain any smell or beverage taste. Easy to rinse it will be your daily plastic free "must-have". With a double wall in stainless steel your drink will always be at the desired temperature. Its granite red color and its steel gray cap will have a "wow" effect and each sip will be a real pride. Choose this high-end Qwetch stainless steel bottle to always have water on you.

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The right reasons to choose a stainless steel insulated red granite 500 ml Qwetch bottle

The use of reusable bottles is a necessity to eliminate the use of plastic bottles on the go or at sport sessions. The Qwetch stainless steel insulated bottle is elegant and keeps your drink cool or warm for several hours straight, a real plus.

Why buy a stainless steel Qwetch reusable bottle?

We are regularly thirsty and are always tempted to take a plastic bottle of water on the go. Having a reusable bottle filled with you, avoids having to resort to a small plastic bottle to quench our thirst. The Qwetch bottle is durable and will save you from spending too much to quench your thirst. A real ecological, economic, profitable and environmentally friendly gesture.

Which reusable bottle should I choose?

In order to choose a reusable bottle, several criteria must be taken into consideration:

1. How are you going to take your bottle with you ?

Choose a Qwetch bottle that matches the size of your backpack or handbag (a 260 ml Qwetch bottle is 20 centimeters long, the 500 ml Qwetch bottle - 26 cm).

2. Will you use the bottle for your sports sessions ?

We recommend opting for the Qwetch 500ml bottle. Light with a capacity of 50cl, it will be perfect for your sport sessions. In addition, the double insulated wall of the Qwetch bottle will keep your drink at the right temperature for several hours. It can therefore go directly into your sports bag several hours beforehand.

3. Is the bottle intended for your child?

Considering the fact that our children are already carrying a lot of things in general, it is wiser to consider the Qwetch 260 ml bottle. Satchels and backpacks do not contain that much space, it will also have the advantage of taking up less space. In addition, their hands being smaller, it will be easier to hold. Qwetch bottles are plastic-free, BPA-free, which keeps all your children's drinks healthy.

4. Is the material of your bottle important to you ?

Qwetch reusable bottles are made entirely of stainless steel. This material completely avoids transferring taste or material to your drink. The Qwetch reusable bottle will be the best possible reusable bottle for storing your drinks.

5. Do you have a rather low tap ?

Filling up your Qwetch bottle is still the wanted goal. The height of your tap is therefore important. If the tap is low, you will have to tilt the bottle to fill it. Remember to check the height to choose the right Qwetch bottle size.

How does an insulated bottle work ?

The Qwetch bottle is insulated. This implies that it has a double wall allowing your drink to maintain the desired temperature. The reusable Qwetch bottle will keep your drink cool for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

How to describe the Qwetch reusable bottle ?

The Qwetch bottle is aesthetic and elegant. It has a coating free interior wall which guarantees no alteration of tastes and flavors. Likewise, no odor will remain in your Qwetch bottle after rinsing it. Very resistant, the stainless steel of the bottle prevents corrosion. Hermetic once the cap is screwed on, no liquid will escape.

Is the Qwetch bottle different?

The Qwetch reusable stainless steel bottle is modern, made of reusable materials, respects the environment and above all is produced in an ethical manner. Designed to last, the quality of the design will not go unnoticed and will guarantee a "wow" effect. Its simple, clean and at the same time stylish design will make you proud to take it out at every opportunity. It will be used for each occasion, your commute to work, a picnic, a sports session or for a simple walk. The Qwetch bottle is above all timeless.

How do I clean the Qwetch insulated bottle?

Ideally, rinse the stainless-steel bottle after each use and wash it regularly with soapy water. You can also use a little baking soda to clean the Qwetch bottle. Turn it over to let it dry. Do not put the reusable bottle in the dishwasher, oven or freezer as it may damage it.

The advantages of the Qwetch stainless steel reusable bottle ?

The Qwetch bottle is guaranteed BPA free, odorless, made of stainless steel and has an effective double wall to keep your drinks at the desired temperature. The Qwetch bottle is ecological and its design is conceptualized in France. The 500 ml red granite bottle from Qwetch is very elegant, comfortable in hand and leaves no one indifferent. Opting for a Qwetch bottle is an ecological and common sense gesture to guarantee you never be thirsty and preserve the environment!

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Red Granite
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500 ml
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