Solid Dishwashing Detergent Bar - Sage Basil

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Differents variations of Solid Dishwashing Detergent Bar
  • Solid Dishwashing Detergent Bar - Sage Basil
  • Solid Dishwashing Detergent Bar - Lemon Mint
  • Solid Dishwashing Detergent Bar - Pink Grapefruit

Clean and degrease your kitchen utensils with the solid dishwashing detergent bar sage basil from the French brand Andrée Jardin. Packed in recycled and recyclable cardboard, it limits the pollution generated by plastic bottles of washing-up liquid.
Easy to handle, this product lasts an average of 6 months, which makes it more economical. To accentuate its degreasing action, the sage basil solid dishwashing product is enriched with white vinegar. It does not contain any ingredients harmful to your health.
Natural and zero waste, it weighs only 250 g for measures of 8 cm x 7 cm x 5 cm. This cake dish has a sage-basil fragrance and does not leave a greasy film on your hands. Its practicality is guaranteed by its compact texture.

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What are the advantages of the sage basil solid dishwashing detergent bar?

The Sage Basil solid dishwashing product offered by the French company Andrée Jardin has more than one strong point:

  • Made in France
  • Presented in recycled and recyclable paper packaging
  • Natural cleaner and degreaser for dishes
  • Economical
  • No synthetic additives, colourings or harmful preservatives
  • Perfect for a zero waste kitchen
  • Hypoallergenic formulation

Why choose Andrée Jardin's sage basil solid dishwashing product?

Are you looking for a natural cleaner and degreaser for your kitchen utensils? Choose Sage Basil solid dishwashing detergent bar now. Offered by the French brand Andrée Jardin, it removes impurities from your dishes while giving them a shine. The dishwashing soap bar is a great budget saver as it lasts for an average of 6 months. The adoption of this article is also a further step in the transition to a zero waste lifestyle. The solid dishwashing detergent is perfect for eliminating the waste caused by plastic bottles of conventional washing-up liquid. Its use is equivalent to reducing 8 to 10 polluting plastic containers per year per household. The ecological and economical aspect of the sage basil solid dishwashing product does not prevent it from being effective. Its white vinegar-based formulation provides a significant degreasing action. It does not leave any greasy film on the utensils or on your hands. The dimensions of this cake dish are also designed to make it easy to hold. In addition, this product is concerned with your well-being because it is free of allergenic fragrances and harmful preservatives. It completely eliminates the risks of irritation often associated with traditional washing-up liquids. Releasing a delicate sage-basil fragrance, this article completes the aesthetics of your zero waste kitchen. Opt for the Sage Basil Solid Dishwashing Liquid for a natural cleaning and degreasing of your kitchen utensils.

What is the composition of this solid dishwashing product?

  • Soap: 30% and more
  • Fragrance
  • Reaction mass / otne multicondituent
  • Enriched with white vinegar

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