Cedar Wood Moth Repellent Clothes Discs 10 pcs

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  • Cedar Wood Moth Repellent Clothes Discs 10 pcs
  • Red Cedarwood Balls 10 pcs

To protect your clothes from the appearance of unwanted parasites, nothing better than to anticipate and have anti-moth, anti-parasites and odor absorbing discs in your closet.
These cedar wood discs with anti-fungal and anti-parasite properties are perfect for fighting the appearance of moths in your closets. Ingenious, the small central hole allows you to hang it on the hook of a hanger.
You can also place them directly in your closets, everywhere, being careful that they are not in direct contact with your cloths. The delicate woody scent will spread throughout your wardrobe from its first use. Rubbed from time to time, these anti-moth rings will serve you for many months.

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Iris Hantverk natural red cedar wood moth repellent

Set of 10 cedar wood hanger rings

  • Diameter : 4,5 cm
  • Height : 1 cm
  • Weight : 105 grams

The cedar wood moth rings are to be placed on your hangers or near your laundry. They will serve as a natural repellent against moths and larvae.

This set of discs can be spread across your closet or cupboard or put together in a corner. These rings protect the interior against unwanted insects: moths and mosquitoes. The natural aroma of cedar wood is a real repellant for these flying insects.

Effective natural moth repellent

It is unnecessary to use corrosive and noxious chemicals when there are natural repellents that are easy to use. Cedar wood, known for its mothproof properties, is ultra effective.

A true grandma's remedy for moths, you'll get rid of those fabric and wool eaters from your wardrobes, cupboards, and drawers in no time.

Comment utiliser ces anneaux antimite en bois en cèdre ?

These rings are easily installed on your hangers to be placed high up in your closet. This way the woody scent will spread perfectly throughout your furniture. You can put them together also in several corners to cover the entire surface within your closet.

These rings will fight against these butterflies and especially their larvae which eat natural fibers such as wool and cotton. They have an instant effect on pests and keep you from having holes in your clothes.

In the summer, these rings can be placed in living areas, such as the living room or bedroom to repel mosquitoes!

Maintenance guide

Cedar wood scent can lose strength over time. If you feel that the smell is no longer strong enough, you have two options:

  • Gently sand the wood over its entire surface to relaunch the aromas. This allows the ring to regain its full repellency.
  • Pour several drops of cedar moth essential oil on the ring

How to naturally avoid the presence of moths?

To complement the action of cedar wood moth rings, you can have preventive actions that prevent the arrival and installation of small flying beasts. To do this :

  • Regularly remove dust from cupboards
  • Open the cupboards and bring in the light
  • Only put clean laundry, ideally ironed inside
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