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These washing balls will allow you to rediscover the quality of the washes of the past. They will beat your laundry like washerwomen did in the old days. Thanks to this intense and careful threshing, the fibers will release dirt and regain their suppleness and softness. This mechanical technique eliminates the fabric softener and cuts the detergent doses in half. These washing balls will also be perfect for the dryer. The stirring of the linen accentuated by the action of the balls reduces the drying time and limits electricity consumption. Without color transfer, they are designed to resist detergents, withstand all temperatures and can remain continuously in your washing machine and dryer.

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How do the Gorodal washing balls work ?

The operation is simple and can be summarized like this:

  • The washing balls are mixed with the laundry. They hit the laundry as the drum rotates. You will hear the washballs making little "booms" regularly.
  • Wash balls are an elastomer based on rubber, like car tires. This material is particularly resistant to shocks. It has a higher density than water and therefore does not float, yet is light enough not to get stuck at the bottom of the drum.
  • The balls allow the laundry to be beaten to remove impurities without damaging the fibers. By stirring the laundry in a natural way, they decrease and enhance the cleaning action of the laundry.
  • This action of knocking the laundry into the washing machine brings back the effect of the washerwomen who twisted, tapped and wrung out the laundry mechanically.

What are the advantages of washing balls?

Wash balls, have the advantage of being economical on many levels.

  • You can do shorter cycles (around 30%) at a lower temperature (instead of 40 °, you can wash at 30 °) for the same quality of washing.
  • The beating effect of the laundry, allows for better washing action. So you will need half the detergent and much less or no fabric softener.
  • The laundry fiber will be less damaged, because you will use less detergent. Your clothes will not lose their color as quickly and they will be easier to iron. We recommend that you do your home laundry to avoid chemicals, our homemade laundry recipes are here.
  • The savings in energy, detergent, fabric softener and a longer duration of your clothes are a significant financial gain!

The washing balls give back volume !

The balls are very easy to use, just put them in the drum and start the laundry. They are nevertheless very useful for washing a down jacket, a padded jacket with feathers or any other puffy textile. There is, of course, the technique of tennis balls, but the washing balls are even more effective in giving back volume to a down jacket and solving the problem of flattened feathers.

The wash balls wash, restore volume and smoothness:

  • A downjacket
  • A pillow
  • A feather filled blanket
  • A sleeping bag
  • Any other feather or "volume" type textile

How to solve the wash balls that get stuck in the window?

Depending on how the edges of the window are made (especially machines of 8 kilos and more) it can happen that the washing balls get stuck. As a result, the laundry is washed less and they only return with the laundry when the rinsins starts. To avoid this you can put each ball in a mini net. This prevents it from getting stuck in it and the net automatically pulls the ball with it into the laundry. You won't lose out on efficiency. Note that there is no need to do this if this is not the case with you!

Happy laundry to all!

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